Zumba Fitness

Who: Adults over 18 years
When: Thursday 11.00am -12.00 noon

How much: £3.00 per session
Where: Bognor Regis Youth and Community Centre

Zumba Fitness

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Through the employment of a qualified fitness instructor we provide Zumba classes at low cost. The classes provide Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. It is a great way to burn calories, tone up and improve fitness whilst letting participants enjoy themselves at the same time.

The project especially aims to attract people in the area are unable to afford to attend mainstream Zumba activities. By providing a low cost Zumba class we aim to improve fitness, general health and well being and reduce weight for those at risk of obesity.

The classes aim to result in improved fitness through encouraging people to get active and improve health and wellbeing. Additionally, the classes encourage new friendships which aim to improve social isolation.

For Further Information:

Tel: 01243 870406
E-mail admin@bognorcan.org or use the contact form below.

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